Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wonderful Wonderla

It was a happening weekend… Harish’s grand entry back into the Airtel Super Singer, meeting up with people I have not met in a while and ofcourse… Wonderla.

Since the time, my team went for an outing in Wonderla (check it out here), I have been planning to go there with friends. I had promised Lanka a while back that we would go there, but it never materialized… So when Asha also echoed similar desire… we were on tune.

Da Gang
(Harish, Asha, Nath, Lanka & Me)

So Me, Lanka, Nath, Harish and Asha, left for Wonderla on Sunday around 10 am. Though the ride was not very comfortable, we had fun with our in-house maestro Harish singing some awesome songs that helped to pass the time…

The in-house Maestro

We got there and started out with the land rides. Lanka, Asha & Nath were all ready to go... but me and Harish being scared of heights had to pass.

Ready to Rock
(Nath, Lanka & Asha)

(this happened after the pic above)

I got on one too - Pirate Ship
(We are sitting on the top most part!)

Me, Lanka, Nath
(Behind is my fav ride in the offing - Splash!)

Asha & Harish
(After the splash!)

They then went on a ride called "Y Scream" which I think was an insane ride... by the time they came out of it, they were throughly shaken :)

Why Scream?? This is why !!

We then climbed to the top of the tower, over which the "Giant Wheel" was situated. Some 13 floors and 50 feet (i guess) above, we had a nice time, with wind blowing on us from all directions.

Windy 007

Let's all Fly

Then it was time, for the water rides, which is the most fun part of wonderla. But unfortunately, since we all were in water, we could not take any pics here. Once out of water and changed, we had a trippy photo session with the Giant wheel in the background.

Its an Asha eat Wheel World :)

Halo World (Harish)

(Thanks a lot Nath... I usually take such pics,
but always thirst for a good one of mine)

The whole Wheel is in my hands (Lanka)

Atlas in the making (Nath)

Then before we left, we had to see the water fountain and the laser show. I couldnt take a video of the laser show, but found one on youTube. So here they are

Musical Fountain

Laser Show

Then we were off to Bangalore and after a nice quite dinner at Mast Kalandar, we returned with tired bodies and a refreshed minds.... Wonderful Wonderla !


Abhishek Nath said...

well..u r most welcome dude..i think the pic wud have looked a bit better if i had taken it from a distance:)

Anonymous said...


Why i wasnt there...


priyanka sarkar said...

hey raghu!!!looks like u guys had a great trip..:)
damn my hand !!!lol

Ragul said...

hey man, now no sympathies for ur sore eye...u guys must ve had a great trip!!!
the photos are awesome too!!!