Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anti Reservation Blog

Hi... here is a blog on anti-reservation. It hosts Anti Reservation Movement related Notices, Orkut Anti-Reservation Action Forum rulebook, Protest Calendar and Contact Directory

Do check it out... http://protestcentral.blogspot.com/

Check out Antireservation.org and YouthForEquality sites too, if you are interested

Monday, May 22, 2006

One Day for the Nation…

It was just another day. Me, Priyanka and Nath were out for a walk at the MG Road, Bangalore on Sunday. We were on our way from Barista, had a refreshing coffee and more importantly, shielded ourselves from the heat.

Then something caught our eyes. Right opposite to where we were standing, we saw a large mass of people all lined up beside the road with a piece of paper pasted onto their chest saying “I am against Reservation”. Just then, a gentleman came and asked us if we were against the government’s tyrannical move to implement reservation on the basis of caste, so that up to almost 50 percent of all educational seats for higher education , would be reserved for people from so called “Backward Castes”

Frankly speaking, I was hesitant. I knew that whatever we did, none of the political parties are going to vote against the bill and risk the huge vote bank that is the people who are going to benefit from this. I was more like, if the government is so hell bent upon cutting of the wings of the rising nation (lionized as the next world economic power), then so be it. If they want to f**k up the future of this country, lets reap the “benefits” together.

But Priyanka was all for the protest. She reasoned with me, that if the people do not give the signal to the lawmakers that they are against such dictatorial moves, then it wouldn’t be fit to call ourselves a sovereign democracy anymore. So I was more like, “I’m against reservation, so let it be”. We joined the human chain that was forming on the side of the road.

What followed was an eye opener. Hundreds and Thousands of people saw our protest that day. May like us joined from the streets, from various modes of life. From Doctors to Engineers, from young to old joined us in the venture.

We Protest...
(Me, Priyanka & Nath)

There were a whole lot of policemen on the streets; I feared some retribution from the government. But talking to one of the officers there, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was also all for what we stood for and told us that he couldn’t join us coz he was on duty. Most of the officers echoed this sentiment and even gave us tips on how to make our resentment heard to those who deem to be deaf.

By night, we lighted candles and stood on the road, chanting slogans and singing those patriotic songs of yester years. We then marched to a park close by and declared our solidarity to the cause for which thousands were protesting across the nation.

Light the way....
(Priyanka with the candles)

I hope we can make a difference, though I still doubt if those up in the highest echelons of power deem themselves so high that they tend to ignore the voices of those on the ground. Then again, if the basement is broken, the building is sure to fall…

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Band of Bandars (Noida Memoirs 4)

Next day's sole purpose was to meet our very own bandar... Mr. Ivy Leage Raheja our very own Samir.... We drove the whole way across delhi from Noida to the next town Gudgaon to meet him.

Samir is doing his MS at Univ of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Its been a while since we saw the monkey, so we decided to pay him a visit.

Me and Samir

Me, Samir & Joy

Boss into the Gang

It was nice to have such a good chat with friends after so long (about an year). He was telling us of his US experiences. Samir is gonna have an operation today for his Hernia and I hope he is fine...

After the usual bakchodi, they dropped me off at the Delhi Airport and i pondered... "I was thinking this trip would be a bore and a pain and boy was I wrong"

Café Morrison (Noida Memoirs 3)

Then came the part that I was most looking forward to in the trip. The visit to Café Morrison. It’s a small pub in South Ex, a nice, our very own Manipal DT like feeling.

Café Morrison

Cheers to Manipal

Me and Joy had made a pact when we met in Manipal last… It was that when I came to Delhi, he would take me to “Café Morrison” and when he gets his a** to Bangalore, I would take him to “Legends of Rock”. So this was the first part of the deal.

Some great music (though the DJ intermittently played some very shitty stuff) and a few pitchers and a tequila later, we were all happy and nostalgic, talking of our days in Manipal. It felt so awesome to head bang with Joy once again, singing to “FreeBird by Lynard Skynard”

Like Joy says

“You can take an MITian out of Manipal but not the Manipal out of him"


Nostalgia in Noida (Noida Memoirs 2)

As Bakhshi (known to us as “da Boss”) picked me up from Adobe, as I said earlier I was not in a great mood. But as we chatted, I felt the camaraderie as it was yesterday in Manipal. Suddenly we were like the 2 roommates back in Manipal, chatting away on every damn thing under the sun.

We reached Joy’s place. I had not met him in sometime. We were comrades in arms, having written a technical paper together, apart from being team mates in Quizzing and all those awesome fun events that go on in college.

Meeting him, Aseem and Arjun brought back memories of Manipal and suddenly it was Nostalgia for me in Noida. After a nice dinner, we drove all through town in Arjun’s car and came back home by 01:00 am. It was bloody hot then too (about the same heat as there would be at noon in Bangalore). Then we settled down with the in-famous “Pai’s Tail”, a cocktail invented by my dear friend Mr. Sudhir Pai, being a concoction of “Mango Juice and Dry Gin”…. This went on till 4 am and a lot of trippy photos came out as a result of this.

Da Gang
(Top : Bakhshi & Aseem, Bottom: Joy & Arjun)

Da Party

Here are those very trippy photos that came out that night at Joy's balcony

"Da Boss"

"The Rod of Fire"

"The Question of Life"
"Da Zombies"

"Pi** of Fire"

Next day, having woken up at 11, we proceeded to a breakfast at a local South Indian restaurant, Sasta and Tikau (Cheap & Good) and great to wear out that hangover. Then, off to Delhi and this time on Boss’s car. First stop, “Flavors” at the Defense Colony… It was a small and crowded Italian place. Awesome food. Tasted what a real pizza is and the Lasagnas and Pastas were great too. Washed it down with some tasty mousse & ginger lime. Yummy !

At Flavors
(L-R : Arjun, Me, Joy and Gurjot Singh Bakhshi aka Boss)

Then we hit the IHC (India Habitat Centre), taking photos were Rang De Basanti was shot. We went in for an exhibition on the first war of Indian Independence, the “Revolt of 1857” and it was quite stirring to the mind. Then off to a film festival where we searched for a ticket but in vain….

At IHC (Me, Joy & Arjun)

The RDB Spot

I wanted to see the new and famed Delhi Metro Rail, so off to C.P (Conaught Place, now called Rajiv Chowk) to ride the metro. You are not allowed to take pics in there, but as a true Indian, I managed one pic and a video. The Metro experience was really great, reminded me of Lanka’s comment that “It is better than the New York Metro”, and Joy vouchsafed it to be better than the London counterpart too… So we came out of it with our heads held high…

The Metro Station at CP

The Delhi Metro

The temperatures were also on a high and we needed to cool off, so we headed to the Statesman Building, where there was a bookshop cum coffee shop called “Oxford”, only to find that the A/C works only till 6 pm and we walked in at 6:15… So off again after a cooler at Oxford. We were half way to the next destination , when Arjun found out that he had left his favorite goggles there. So back again to Oxford through the winding delhi roads and after a nice jog through the streets, we finally got it back.

At Oxford

Arjun with his fav Goggles
( which he almost lost... )

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That Bloody Weather (Noida Memoirs 1)

I reached Noida on May 11th, and the first thing that stuck me was the heat…. Oh the heat. It didn’t help a bit that it was raining blissfully in Bangalore back where I call home. Delhi seemed like a frying pan to me.

The next thing that struck me was the roads. For a person who comes from the woe be gone infrastructure of Bangalore, Delhi seemed like an out-of-India experience. Well laid, well planned roads reminded me of my visit to the US. As we sped through the DND Highway, onto Noida I was sure I liked the city very much, but would rather not live here (the bloody weather).

Roads... Right On!
(Taken from my room in Noida Radisson)

The only high point of the first day was the stay at Radisson, which was good and then the QE Summit, which was why we went there in the first place. Adobe office looks like a children’s pen from the outside, but the inside, it is pretty awesome. (Specially those comfortable chairs).

Adobe Noida

Naresh (CEO, Adobe India) @QE Summit

Me & Lauren
(Ah! Those chairs are right for work and sleep )

The consummate point of the day was the visit to Lanka’s house to meet her family and had a great time with aunty and Bhaskar. Garima also came with us. Thanks Lanka for the wonderful time.

Me, Aunty, Lanka & Garima
(At Lanka's place)

Me with Bhaskar (Lanka's Bro)

I reached the office back for the rest of the summit. And as evening dawned, the prospect of finding fun in Delhi loomed very low, as me, Lauren, Harish, Jyoti and Anand hit the spice mall, only to find it devoid of the 3 letter word. FUN

The rest of the gang, headed back to Bangalore that night and I still had to endure this place for the next two days to come… F**** what the hell… I hate the place and the bloody weather. These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I waited for Gurjot to pick me up.

And Boy! Was I wrong? I had the best time since Manipal in Delhi the next two days…..

Friday, May 12, 2006

Tandoori Raghu.... served HOT !

I'm getting fried, and that too deep fried... Tandoori ishtyle.

I'm in Noida thanks to my company Adobe's India QA Summit here in Noida near Delhi. The outside temperatures go as high as 47 degree centigrade at noon, enough to boil an egg if i stand long enough in the sun...

And my favourite Bangalore is basking in the glory of the first of the monsoon showers... How I long to be there.

But I'm awaiting a rocking weekend in Noida. All my college friends are here, and the excitement of meeting them after about an year, is just something that the heat cant take away from me...

But as the weekend progresses, the "Tandoori Raghu" will be done and ready for serving. Guys in Bangalore can have helpings on Monday, so till then... Hola

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Impromptu Jam - Nath & Nath

Yesterday was fun...!

I was at Lanka's (known to the world as Priyanka Azad) place. She had a small accident a week back and the wound had still not faded... So 3 of her best friends assembled at her place to cheer her up (Me, Nath and Lakshay).

Nath is amazing on the guitar and suddenly she wanted to hear him play and sing. So we got the guitar from his place. But then, she wanted to show us, her talent with the guitar... :) So sweet !

Then we had an idea and we decided to do a impromptu jam, me and Nath. So here are the results

1. Turn the Page by Metallica

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Song: Turn the Page
Originally sung by: Metallica
Album: Garage Inc.
Sung by: Raghu & Nath
Guitar by: Nath

The rest are some hindi songs we did... hope you enjoy them too...

2. Dooba Dooba by Silk Route

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Song: Dooba Dooba
Originally sung by: Silk Route
Sung by: Raghu & Nath
Guitar by: Nath

3. O Sanam by Lucky Ali

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Song: O Sanam
Originally sung by: Lucky Ali
Sung by: Raghu & Nath
Guitar by: Nath

4. Sayonee by Junoon

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Song: Sayonee
Originally sung by: Junoon
Sung by: Raghu & Nath
Guitar by: Nath

5. Song from the movie Raju Chacha

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Song: Tu ne muche pehechana nahi
Movie: Raju Chacha
Sung by: Raghu & Nath
Guitar by: Nath

I could get the originals of all except Dooba Dooba, you can check them out here...

All the recording was done in one shot, no editing or alterations and no rectification of mistakes.... So wont they be that great, but still, we had a ball of a time. Announcing the advent of "Nath & Nath"...

Take It Easy...

Eagles is one of my favourite bands. I wanted to do "Hotel California", but couldnt get the .kar file. So here is "Take it Easy".

If you have not heard the original, check it out here....

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Song: Take It Easy
Originally sung by: Eagles
Album: The Eagles
Sung by: Raghu

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bowling for Columbine...

I wanted to write about this for sometime. I might strike the wrong note with some people but neverthless. I had watched this movie called "Bowling for Columbine" by Michael Moore (of Farenheit 9/11 fame) along time back...

I was quite intrigued by the same. Its abut the "Columbine High School massacre" occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado, USA. Two kids, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who were frustrated about the society, the colleages, teachers and all decided to kill tham all...

Early warning signs regarding the attacks first surfaced in 1996 when Eric Harris created a private website on America Online. It included small journal entries concerning his thoughts on parents, school, and friends. It also contained instructions on how to make explosives. On that fateful day, they entered the college and fired mercilessly in the cafeteria, library and other areas and finally committed suicide in the library.

This sparked off debates regarding gun control laws and the availability of firearms in the United States. On the view of youth and how this was all a result of their exposure to violent movies and video games, death metal and loose family ties.

But Micheal Moore criticized the most basic aspect of the same. Fear. Not in the minds of those kids, but in the minds of American people that make them pass laws like the second ammendment, making it legal for a white man to carry guns...

"Bowling for Columbine" is how the boys went bowling before the massacre. It focuses not much on why the kids did it, but with America's infactuation with guns... About what is it that Americans fear so much as to buy guns. It refutes the idea that it is violent cinema or death metal groups that drive the kids to do these, but the prevalent sense of vulnerability that a common American feels... Here are some cuts from the movie.

This is Hilarious...

This is unbelievably true...

This incident also triggered off a lot of rock songs based on the same, a couple are given below.

1. "Jeremy" by PerlJam

2. "Youth of the Nation" by P.O.D

Listen to the lyrics carefully... they are awsome or find the lyrics in the below links.

for Jeremy lyrics, click here...
for Youth of the Nation,click here...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Numero Due - The Oasis of Revival

Thanks to all who have encouraged my intent to blog and sing... I really appreciate it. Especially to Harish, who showed me how to do a multi-track recording and to Garima and Lanka, who pointed out that my voice when I sing, sounds nothing like me… :)

So here is the second dosage of the karaoke intento…

1. Wonderwall by Oasis

The band that is hailed as the second Beatles. Oasis from Manchester, England creates rock music with a soothing effect. This song “Wonderwall”, as explained by the band’s lead singer Noel, “is about an imaginary friend who's going to come and save you from yourself”

I dedicate this song to that very real amazing person in my life, who has been my wonderwall, shielding me in times of need and always being there for me… The most amazing friend…. This is to her.

If you haven’t heard the original, check it out here...

Song: Wonderwall
Originally sung by: Oasis
Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Sung by: Raghu

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2. Champagne Supernova by Oasis

This was the first song of Oasis I heard. Just thought I can do it. It is said that Noel got the title when he misheard the name of the Pixies album Bossanova whilst watching a documentary about champagne. Another version is that a "champagne supernova" is the experience of smoking marijuana whilst drinking champagne. Anyway, here’s to Champagne Supernova, Cheers

If you haven’t heard the original, check it out here...

Song: Champagne Supernova
Originally sung by: Oasis
Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Sung by: Raghu

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3. Bad Moon Rising by CCR

Starting out as The Blue Velvets, CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival), is a 60’s rock band with a tinge of folk/country touch to their songs. "Bad Moon Rising" is a 1969 song consisting of a prediction about apocalyptic weather conditions. It doesn’t suit my voice much, but I couldn’t resist. So here it is

If you haven’t heard the original, check it out here...

Song: Bad Moon Rising
Originally sung by: Credence Clearwater Revival
Album: Green River
Sung by: Raghu

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Eagerly awaiting comments :)