Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Whole new Ground

The whole time I have been here, I have been trying to hone my guitar skills. But since I have been bedridden, even that’s become painful. So I decided to resort to something I have never much tried before, “Songwriting”.

Here’s something I wrote. I will try to tune it into a song later. It’s called the “Phantoms of my Past”. It kinda came from a realization that dawned on me that the romantic, that passionate fervor in me is dying as my priorities change towards making more money and fame.


As I walk down the lonely road,
Thinking of my whole life
I came upon the phantoms,
The phantoms of my past

They took me back to the days I dreamed
Of mountains, rivers and sunshine,
Of knights in shiny armor,
Of honor, bold and brave.
Of castles, moats and dragons,
And kings on royal thrones.

Gazing the sky on a starry night
Thinking of the whole wide world
I came upon the phantoms,
The phantoms of my past

Of the lonely girl with long black hair,
Who waited for me by the brook.
Those dark blue eyes that made me sigh
Those long black curls undone
Those angel arms where I found out
My heart, my soul, my love.

As I awoke from that mystery trance
I began to wonder why
Why I never dream these days
Why I never dream.

My life, now revolves around
Money, fame and clout
Those long forgotten dreams are now
Phantoms of my past
That passion deep in me is too
A phantom of my past.

1 comment:

Hemanth Sharma said...

Wow... That was really good. :)

Waiting for you to SING this dude... :)