Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Day to Remember

Its been 5 days since I turned 23, but I have been so busy partying I didnt get time to write about it :D

Its been 23 years since i graced (or grazed or burdened.. however you wanna see it) this earth. This birthday was really special to me (apart from the fact that i turn 23 which happens to be my favourite number, along with 45... which is a long way off. BTW Brownie points to those who guess the connection). I had the best birthday bash EVER in the last 22 years.

It all started Nov 30th night, when my roomies couldnt wait to kick the S**t out of me. I was never given too many bumps in college or school (thanks to my weight, which made it impobable for people to hold me up for long). But now we had our very dear 'gentle giant' of a neighbour Mr. Vinay, to elevate me to the atrocities waiting for me. The clock struck 12....

And it started... I have no words to describe it. See it for your self.


Sunny kicked me so hard that i got a cut down my back (dude it still hurts). Then it was time to cut the cake. A really awesome one i should say. They must have selected it, owing to the fact that it had lots of cream that could be smeared on me. Once again, I find myself at a loss of words. See it for your self.

The Cake

The Ritual

So nice of Nisha and Nitya to join us in the cake cutting/smearing cermony. Nisha 'gracefully' agreed to streak my hair with cake. I was transformed from ME -> Snowman -> Punk -> Ghost. Scary Stuff !!!

ME -> Snowman -> Punk -> Ghost

Then came office... It was so quiet after the blast at night and the fact that I had training from 9-5 started to droop my mood. The fact that not many people wished me, didnt help my cause. I came out of the meeting and Lauren comes to me saying that there was an A+ priority bug in the feature i was responsible for and that the senior management wants to see me about it.

As i entered our Senior Engg. Manager Anant's cabin, i saw they were quite cross, with Anant literally shouting at me. I got a shock but stood there non-chalantly, trying to guess what the problem was. Then Anant says "We need to rethink on what we should do about you" and I was like. "Am I gonna get fired on my BDay... ~!@#$".

Then Anant said, "We know what to do with you. We have decided that............

"You will Cut a Cake"

WOW.... That was a Scary... but, boy was I surprised. The whole team walked in wishing me a happy birthday and i was made to cut not one, but 2 cakes. Wow I really have a SWEET team and literally.

The Office Cakes

Me with cake smeared on me (again)
with Jyoti looking on

I would go to the extend of saying that this has been the best Birthday celebration of my Life...


Abdul said...

Dude, I missed it...

Happy Belated Birthday....

I can see you had fun :)

Keep it up..


Kripa said...

wow u had so much fun! and u sure deserved that biiiiiggggg bday bash:) but where is my piece of cake?:)

priyanka sarkar said...

hey wow!!!
seems like u had a blast....:)
i want my share of th cake too!!!!sob sob!!!
btw belated happy bday ...once more:)

kookoo said...

Raghu bhaiyya u were lookin really cute with tht cake on ur face..U r a real sweety n i must say u deserve all the celebrations:)By the way m impressed with ur writting skills too...By the way Vasanth is bit upset coz u didn send him this ;)(Actually he is bit jealous with me)

nitin said...

Happy Belated Birthday.
dear sir
i am nitin working as aweb designer and working on flash and flex i want your need pls help i also join your group
pls add me in yahoo id

nitin said...

pls sir