Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm NOT Loving It !

I was happily strolling down Brigade road on Sunday afternoon and what do i see !@#$%

MacD telling me that I was happy to be on Brigade road. How dare they!! Its absolutely under my control if I want to be happy, moody, sad or plain damn whiny on Brigade.. How dare they... !@#$%^&*

But then the reality struck me... MacD was happy to be on Brigade and was not dictating terms to me. MacD was happy to be on Brigade and wanted to share the happiness with all of us. For a moment, it felt like they were spreading the Christmas cheer ( I wouldnt have been surprised to see Mr. Ronald McDonald, the mascot dressed up as Santa).

Then i realized this was "Subtle Marketing"... Not really asking you to come to McD, but inturn putting the idea strongly in your mind that If you need to partake of their pie of happiness, DO DROP IN...

Sometimes it hurts me to see the mob manipulated this way, but on second thoughts, they deserve it, running behind designer brands and being slaves of consumerism.... I'm defenitely NOT loving it !!!

Afterthought - KUDOS to the guy who came up with the idea... Deserves an applause !!!

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Sudhir pai said...

me in blogspot finally...whew!
that took a long time!
tell me man,
how do you post youtube video's on blogspot?