Friday, March 02, 2007

Business101 - for Software Geeks

I was at the Web2.0 conference in Bangalore and overheard a "uber-Geek" declaring... "This technology is awesomely cool... I dont care if it can do any good to business". I have been thinking about it for a while now. A thought hit me while i was driving today...

I have seen Geeks who consider technology as the "Be All and End All of Life". Technology is great, but only if it serves a purpose, which most often is business driven. But these geeks have a hard time digesting the whole concept of "Business". So here's my Business101 for Software Geeks, in their own language...
Business is the Framework
Technology the API... and
Management the Rendering Engine

Just a personal view... I know a lot of people will disagree and might think i'm too young to put forth these. But here's how I see it...

Business is the Framework within which all Technology and Management has to function. Any change in the framework will need considerable changes (possibly) in the API and also in the way it is rendered. Its the king which rules all and binds it all together.

Technology is the API... Without him the framework is redundant.

Management is the Rendering, putting into perspective what the APIs hav defined and the way it is used. It is the one that helps in finding the flaw in the flow. A kind of a high level QA infrastructure.

But just as in the Software Realm, They are all inter-dependent. Advancement in one forces the others to change. Innovation is possible at all the 3 levels, essentially taking the Business to greater heights of achievement.

I really want to hear what you think about this :)

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anuprakash said...

What about the users involved...What ever be the technology, what ever be the Management, if you cannnot influence, change and more importantly ENABLE the users...then it will not bring any good to the business using the how do u intend to put them???