Monday, April 17, 2006


I heard Dave Matthews for the first time, when i heard his single at the WTC Telethon "A Tribute to the Heroes". I thought, "Damn, this guy is good..."

I found later that he has a band, called Dave Matthew's Band (a.k.a DMB). Their music is kinda fusion of Country, Rock, Blues and had a very nice feeling to it.. They have a violin accompanyist and something very stange for a band, the violinist and drummer were blacks and others white...

They have some amazing numbers like Satellite, Crash into Me and Digging my Ditch and the wonderful perfomance of All Along the Watchtower in Woodstock..

I wanted the telethon video so badly, and found it finally (you guessed it, on youtube... I'm beginning to love this site). So here it is. DMB with Everyday.

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