Monday, April 17, 2006

Won’t you help Save the Rock !

I was one who used to believe that “Rock and Roll is all Noise pollution”. It sounded like pure cacophony that used to bewilder my senses. Then came the most incredible change of my life. Manipal….

The place I learned that Pink Floyd was closer to Nirvana than the Pope, that original music is what really matters. I started hating those boy bands, Britney, Christina (I’m on a first name basis with all)…etc. You could put any church coir on with the same chords and get the same or perhaps (no, definitely) better aural effect (I stress the word ‘aural’, the visual effect that Britney and likes give is titillating).

This actually takes me back to Shakespearian times. I remember reading a part in Hamlet those talk of young boys with squeaky voices who put respectable actors out of business. Now I know why they say history repeats itself.

Anyway, the trend in the last decade has been towards kinky pop, blasting hip hop and gangster rap. Where is the good old rock gone? You ask people for the best rock they have heard, names range from Bryan Adams (my friend Joy refuses to consider him rock) to U2, from Floyd to Eagles… I can’t think of many classic or for that matter hard rock bands in the 21st century. God save rock…

I thought about this when I saw this video on youtube….

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