Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ScrapBlog... Yet another FLEX Sucess Story

Yet another Flex sucess story (after Yahoo Maps among others). Eariler today, I got a mail from Matt Chotin about this site called where one can have a photoblog with loads of interactivity, all for free.. Whats more, it was made in Flex1.5. If someone can do such a great job with Flex1.5, wonder what people will do with FLex2.0.

It has a nice UI (though a bit too flashy for my taste), some cool custom components and good amalgam of technologies like Java, Flex and Applets... Loved it. I created mine, just to get a feel of it. Feels good to see your product being used so productively

Here's my scrap blog

Try it out today... I'm sure you will love it.


anuprakash said...

This looks good...

Carlos Garcia said...


Thank you for writing about Scrapblog. Just putting Scrapblog in the context of Yahoo! Maps is very exciting for our team. We are currently working on a Flex2.0 version of Scrapblog.

We hope that our work contributes to the success of Flex and inspires others to push the envelope.

Carlos Garcia
CEO, Scrapblog

Raghu said...

Thanks Da

Its great to know that you guys are porting it to 2.0
Spot on guys... Nice work

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