Wednesday, December 07, 2005


This is something i wrote a long time back... wanted to put it up somewhere. What better place than here...

On the debatable question of creation, the Old Testament says, “God said, Let There Be Light and there was Light”, science says that all that we see around us is the result of the biggest fireworks in the Encyclopedia Galactica. I have long longed to be in the shoes of Einstein, waiting to develop a unified theory of “The One” (not the Matrix ‘One’), a confluence of science and divinity. It is this desire that leads me to believe that it was God who gave the “Divine Spark” for the Big Bang saying, “Let There Be Light”.

Everything in nature is dual. Good and evil, birth and death, light and darkness. So why can’t God and Science be but two sides of the same coin. What or who is God? What is our purpose here? I attempted to delve into the depths of these questions knowing fully well that a great many have perished seeking this “Holy Grail” and spend a whole lifetime fruitlessly, tirelessly to find why we are here.

This dichotomous quality needs to be examined a bit more closely, first in scientific terms and then though the divine before arriving at harmony. Bible defines the body to be “from dust and unto dust”, so we are just big chunks of matter. But what separates us from the rock or the flowing water is the divine park of life. In scientific terms, the energy that runs through our arteries, pulsating through our heart. Thus we are but a confluence of matter and energy which leads us to the ultimate theory of E = mC2, thus making it a divine relation. Tracing it to its origin, life before the big bang was just one whole aggregate of energy and matter entwined in a plasma state, that wanted to be free, to dichotomize itself and turn into matter and energy, thus spawning the Big Bang, the scientific equivalent of Genesis…God.

Religions have a rather interesting way of defining creation, be it Genesis in the Old Testament or Amon Ra’s creation of the world by the Egyptians. A rather interesting perspective of this dichotomous approach is taken in the Indian Mythology in the texts called Puranas. It talks about God in a hermaphroditic from, a half-man, half-woman being as the one who initiates creation. Named Ardha-Nareeshwar in the scriptures, the being splits (much like an amoeba, the most basic form of life) into its male and female equivalents (the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine) called Shiv and Shakti, whose confluence thus spawns creation.

My unified theory thus defines God as “the ultimate sacramental form of energy”, that divine spark that exists in us. Thus God resides in each one of us providing us life and reason. We are all born with an inherent amount of this divine cosmic energy whose quantity is defined and controlled by our own karma. With every righteous deed, we escalate its amplitude and every act conceding to the seven sins diminishes its shine. It’s the expanse of this sacred spark in us that we call the soul that decides our fate after death. “From the divine we come and unto it we go”, as we die that reminiscent energy seeks its parentage, amalgamating into the One before its deeds are reckoned. If we cannot elevate our self unto the paths of nirvana, we fall into the infinite cycle of life and death, born each time with that spark that is left in us from our past life until we attain fulfillment in but a spiritual sense.

This duly explains why Jesus or Buddha is not born every now and then and why they are called "Son of God". We all are sons of God, but they are great souls who have uplifted themselves to nirvana and paved the paths for others to join them in the confluence with the dichotomous scientifically correct God….


Jo said...

Wonderful post Raghu. Really a food for thought.

Raghu said...

thanks jo... it is something that i really believe in...