Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It sure is the END OF AN ERA...

Though i have been working in Macromedia only for the past 3 months, the feeling of you being a Macromedian is just awsome. I have been using MM products right from 2002 when i was in college and heard that the best way to make good animations is this software called Flash (or something). I said..."Yeh, just another GIF animator here".

But Flash 5 just blew my mind. The professionalism of the authoring enviornment, the ease of use and the awsome help was just too much for a college guy to bear with. I started moving to flash making it an integral part of all my presentations and people loved it. (I'm still commended for the clever :) use of animations to drive in my points by my professors). I moved through Flash ver 5, 6, 7 loving each minute of it, creating Swfs, animated GIFs and applications. The quiz club in my college still (sometimes) uses my applications in flash for Scorecards & special rounds.

As i got out of college and got an interview with MM, i never could believe my luck and was a bit pessimistic about my chances. To get it was pure elation like Harry finding out one fine day that he was a wizard :) My life changed and i couldnt believe that i was working for the company that i worshipped all this while.

But now, 3 months here (which has been purely magical) the Macromedia brand is seizing to exist. Adobe has acquired Macromedia in totallity. I'm excited and anxious about my future in the new company of Adobe but this will surely mark an end of an era and i will be, "through and through" a Macromedian till time exists or i seize to.

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Here's what my dear friend and colleage Harish thinks of it


Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

cant agree more bro! Macromedia was one hell of a party! but we will keep it high and going at Adobe too! what say?

Raghu said...

abso-F***-lutely :)