Thursday, December 22, 2005

Our Foray with The Legends of Rock

It was a Saturday. So not wanting it to be the usual (drooling at the shiny merchandise@ForumMall), we decided to go to hit this place called LOR-Legends of Rock (for Bangaloreans, its in Kormangala 6th Block – you can spot it on Google Earth if you want)

As we got in it looked deserted (it was only 8 p.m.) and I said to myself “I aint see no legends or rocks”, some Keith Urban song was playing and it looked like a dead pub. But as time waned and pitchers piled up, people started pouring in. The music meandered like a river and spanned genres that led me into a rollercoaster experience.

It started off slow with Keith Urban, Coldplay and then shifted gears to classic rock of Eagles & Floyd (one of my favorites). We shifted gears too ditching beer for tequila shots. As the music and spirits soared… paradigm shift again. The music started “hardening” as if we were on wet-cement. “Wherever I may roam” by Metallica caused quite a stir in house. Then Iron Maiden and Judas Priest followed as I ditched drinks and fell into the age old form of enjoyment – Head Banging.

It took me back to my college days where we would wait through the boring performances waiting for the Battle of Bands to start. And when it does we would head bang so hard that they would almost fall off and make us docile souls for days to come as our necks would be as stiff as a rock.

Then we noticed that the entire crowd in the pub was youngsters like us (18-28) but two gentlemen in their 40’s were enjoying the music as much as, if not more. We went and talked to them. They were from Delhi (one was a hardcore rocker in his days) and had come to enjoy the music at the LOR (Legends of Rock). They were innovators with more than a dozen patents and about 50 papers to their name. One was working at GM (General Motors) and other at IBM...

This was a heartening sight as it was contrary to the usual age-old opinion that people who enjoy hard-rock are all junkies and turn out to be failures in life. If this was failure then what is success I ask! The grand finale was me and one of them singing Hotel California together. Man, it was a great experience.

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Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

good good! Lets the "spirits" soar