Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Turn the page...but the Memory Remains

That's what is happening in my life now... I have moved from being a student into a whole different ball game. I'm loving my new avatar as a corporate neo :)
Not that i did not enjoy myself as a student (oh those times... the Memory Remains), but the fact that i had to live through those boring lectures kinda took a bit of the fun out of it.

I'm a person who believes that creativity should not be restricted. Indian education trains you for all imaginable situations but kind of cripples your imagination and creativity since it is more focused on what you kind of reproduce in the exam rather than how original & creative you are. Now it feels as if I'm a birdling who has been beak-fed for the entire life, getting my first chance to spread my wings and go for the kill myself.

Its like a whole new page in my life, fresh, waiting it to be painted with the colors of imagination. And seems like i have come to the perfect place... A company that has fostered creativity in millions of designers all around the globe, Macromedia is more than perfect for me (i guess !)


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