Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Band of Bandars (Noida Memoirs 4)

Next day's sole purpose was to meet our very own bandar... Mr. Ivy Leage Raheja our very own Samir.... We drove the whole way across delhi from Noida to the next town Gudgaon to meet him.

Samir is doing his MS at Univ of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Its been a while since we saw the monkey, so we decided to pay him a visit.

Me and Samir

Me, Samir & Joy

Boss into the Gang

It was nice to have such a good chat with friends after so long (about an year). He was telling us of his US experiences. Samir is gonna have an operation today for his Hernia and I hope he is fine...

After the usual bakchodi, they dropped me off at the Delhi Airport and i pondered... "I was thinking this trip would be a bore and a pain and boy was I wrong"

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