Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That Bloody Weather (Noida Memoirs 1)

I reached Noida on May 11th, and the first thing that stuck me was the heat…. Oh the heat. It didn’t help a bit that it was raining blissfully in Bangalore back where I call home. Delhi seemed like a frying pan to me.

The next thing that struck me was the roads. For a person who comes from the woe be gone infrastructure of Bangalore, Delhi seemed like an out-of-India experience. Well laid, well planned roads reminded me of my visit to the US. As we sped through the DND Highway, onto Noida I was sure I liked the city very much, but would rather not live here (the bloody weather).

Roads... Right On!
(Taken from my room in Noida Radisson)

The only high point of the first day was the stay at Radisson, which was good and then the QE Summit, which was why we went there in the first place. Adobe office looks like a children’s pen from the outside, but the inside, it is pretty awesome. (Specially those comfortable chairs).

Adobe Noida

Naresh (CEO, Adobe India) @QE Summit

Me & Lauren
(Ah! Those chairs are right for work and sleep )

The consummate point of the day was the visit to Lanka’s house to meet her family and had a great time with aunty and Bhaskar. Garima also came with us. Thanks Lanka for the wonderful time.

Me, Aunty, Lanka & Garima
(At Lanka's place)

Me with Bhaskar (Lanka's Bro)

I reached the office back for the rest of the summit. And as evening dawned, the prospect of finding fun in Delhi loomed very low, as me, Lauren, Harish, Jyoti and Anand hit the spice mall, only to find it devoid of the 3 letter word. FUN

The rest of the gang, headed back to Bangalore that night and I still had to endure this place for the next two days to come… F**** what the hell… I hate the place and the bloody weather. These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I waited for Gurjot to pick me up.

And Boy! Was I wrong? I had the best time since Manipal in Delhi the next two days…..


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