Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Café Morrison (Noida Memoirs 3)

Then came the part that I was most looking forward to in the trip. The visit to Café Morrison. It’s a small pub in South Ex, a nice, our very own Manipal DT like feeling.

Café Morrison

Cheers to Manipal

Me and Joy had made a pact when we met in Manipal last… It was that when I came to Delhi, he would take me to “Café Morrison” and when he gets his a** to Bangalore, I would take him to “Legends of Rock”. So this was the first part of the deal.

Some great music (though the DJ intermittently played some very shitty stuff) and a few pitchers and a tequila later, we were all happy and nostalgic, talking of our days in Manipal. It felt so awesome to head bang with Joy once again, singing to “FreeBird by Lynard Skynard”

Like Joy says

“You can take an MITian out of Manipal but not the Manipal out of him"



nikhil mahen said...

hear hear... so true man.. i'll definately check this place out.. it'll b awesome if it's even comparable to legend's...

Sam said...

It's a killer place. I'm a regular there, so if you're visiting Delhi, make sure you visit this place, and if you live in Delhi, you should be there anyways ;)


suri said...

I dont think this cafe has professional service and kitchen team.
Yesterday 9th sep i had ma first and last visit to this pathetic restaurant i have ever been. The food order was sered wrong all together and then there was a cockroach in the food i wonder wht kind of hygiene the company is providing to the customer and in the end service staff when approached the manageer was missing frm shift and captan was lukn to be least inersted in sorting the problem............Its waste to visit this restaurant..........dnt burn ur time there....plzzzzzz