Friday, January 27, 2006

Hurray, I’m a Graduate! (Return to Manipal - Part 3)

The 4 years of hard toil finally paid off… I finally graduated to be an Engineer… I was eagerly waiting for the graduation day, when I would wear the cloak and cap and receive my degree in the limelight. But as the day came in, I was more excited to meet my much scattered friends than actually the ritual called ‘The Convocation’ (view the Photos here).

Since the last 6 months, we MITians of Batch 2K5 have been infesting all parts of India (some abroad too… ranging from Munich to Stanford) and to see them together again was special perhaps because of the fact that we won’t be meeting as a bunch again for a very long time.

We had to march obediently (a virtue that is much lacking in us MITians) towards the stage that was adorned with dignitaries who went on & on about themselves and about the current trend in technology or medicine or whatever. We were at almost our wits end when they announced that the convocation ceremony was about to start.

Cheering my friends, my turn came and it was a brief moment, but one of pride when I finally received it in my hand…

Then it was all the photo sessions and exhilaration that followed… “Hurray, I’m a Graduate!”

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Varun said...

thanks a lot for sharing the photos man! sitting here on the other side of the earth, i felt very very nostalgic.