Monday, January 16, 2006

Me Gone Crazy !

I got joseph's camera to office to transfer some files to my computer. As i got here i decided to go crazy and started taking pics@MM Office left and right. Thank my stars, the security people didnt think i was a mole spying for a weakness in the office security (for those un-enlightened souls, there was a shootout incident recently at Indian Institute of Science by some terrorists. Check that out here)

So here are the pics...

Into The Deep (the Macromedia Entrance)

Dreams Flower here...

Time (and TimeZones) wait for No man !

My Office

The FLEX Area (kinda apt bcoz Sam does skipping here too)

Yep That's Me !

My two great (and lovely) Friends

Lauren (my sweet boss)

Me & Harish (Thanks man for referring me to this great place !)

Harish yet again...

Bye Bye Reindeer (Anand's Cube... Reindeer in the back)

Iyer the Great ! (Ram's Cube)

Jyoti (as sweet as the kids pasted all around her cube)

The real rishKESH (too bad, you can't see his ponytail)

Sreenivas & Sam on print...

That's all Folks...

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