Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Life@MIT Hostels (Return to Manipal – Part 5)

It was an emotional time for me as i visited all the rooms that i had lived in from my freshman year to final year at MIT Manipal. It brought back a lot of memories (bitter and sweet)....

1st Year: V Block, Room No. 219

The freshman year, when Pani was my roommate. It was when we had the most fun in hostels as the hostel was only for the freshers. A closed quadrilateral with a courtyard in the middle brought some fond memories, especially when we used to shout “S.P. kahan hai tu?” (SP where are you?) and those nights when Joy used to bring his flute out to play in the wee hours of the morning, and how we loved it for a couple of days and then we started cussing him :)

The amazing festivals of Lodi & Holi (when we had a pretty nasty fight), those long hours of Engineering Drawing and the Late Night parties at Vinay’s and Kaushik’s rooms… Of “Kambal Ishq”, when we used to invite guys to a room in the pretence of a party and whack them with a Kambal (Hindi for blanket) over their heads, just for the heck of it… Wow, those were the days.

2nd Year: X Block, Room No. 3178 D

Second year with Mr. Gurjot Singh Bakhshi (a.k.a Boss) as my roommate we had a large corridor for ourselves, with Bhopu and Pani in the next room. That year brings memories of the amazing Roti’s that Gurjot’s mom and nanny used to make… those Gobi pakodas and Rice with Rajma was too good to resist.

3rd Year: X Block, Room No. 3169

Third year I moved into a single room and was a rollercoaster ride of a year. Ths was the year when I hit my first 4 GPA and decided to concentrate on my technical aspect of life@MIT, setting aside L&D (Literary and Debating club) and a forayed into clubs like IEEE and likes. This was the year I got introduced to the wonderful world of Microcontrollers and what one could do with them… I had a lot of fun developing small stuff and it sure makes you feel like an inventor when those babies start working… I and Joy also came up with this paper on Mobile Robots which really kicked ass.

4th Year: X Block, Room No.2254

Final year was marked mostly by the placements and I had a Midas Touch at that. Sat for 2 companies and got both… the year was a rollicking ride of parties and events. But I got to spend only a semester there as I did my final semester project outside Manipal (though I returned to Manipal several times in those next six months, My guide still thinks i came to deliver the reports :) )


Useless Mortal said...

Good idea. I think someday even i will take snaps of the roms i stayed in. All will be tenth block though.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could do that too. But, can't get into good ole' 2nd block as I heard its the LH now. :(.
And also, 8th block, which was already with the TAPMI folks.

Anonymous said...

bulla pakdo