Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reliving Manipal (Return to Manipal – Part 4)

As we sat having breakfast at Vikram’s (it’s a modest eating joint in Manipal), Me, Aseem & Joydeep were talking of reliving Manipal, doing it all again, to keep it fresh in our minds till we return. So we embarked upon the quest with Ragul (my roommate, has a rather strong liking for Manipal though he never studied there)…

What better place to start than our very own D.T. (DownTown Pub). DT is at its best usually at night, when it is filled with people in various stages of drunken delusions and when it’s playing music, that will take you to a different level. But what the F***, we don’t have time and we have a bus to catch at night, so its DT@noon.

We were welcomed by quite a crowd, who obviously had similar thoughts. Except the fact that it was morning, DT was the same… GNR & Iron Maiden were blasting and people enjoying quite a head-bang. We spent rather a long time there doing shots of Gin & Mango Juice (kind of a new combination for me, but it was good)

After quite a photo session at DT, Pai left us as we proceeded to our beloved LC (Little Chef) for the ‘Egg-Cheese-Macaroni’, ‘Cold Chicken Burger’ and ‘Iced Lime’ that kept us alive through many of those horrible mess days. We were quite pleased to see Nagraj there who gladly posed for some memorable photos

Next stop was KC( Kamath Circle) where we saw many of our friends in a game of basketball. Now we were off to the hostel blocks. We wanted to visit each of the rooms where we stayed during our 4yrs in Manipal.

After covering the 5th block and the Tapmi Mess, we proceeded to see Timmy (a small dilapidated shack behind the 9th block), where we used to have hot ‘Ginger Tea’ and ‘Bun-Omlet’ on those sleepless sessional nights.

Timmy (a rather tiny person) was delighted to see us and got a special tea from him. Onto the Poornima juice center and XI and X Blocks where we spent the rest of our lives in Manipal. The trip ended with a visit to the Temple and we headed out to Café Coffee Day to reunite with Pai & Joylita

We sure did relive Manipal in a matter of a couple of hours, memories safely locked in a trunk to be conjured up at another place, another time…

See the pictures of the Manipal trip here

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