Thursday, March 02, 2006

The 5th P (The US Diaries - 5)

We had an address to the gathering by our CFO Shanthanu Narayan. It was a talk on the principles of Adobe and the 5 P's on which we look forward to dive Adobe into the future. The 5th P is what struck people the most and that was PARTY !... So here are some ways we partied and had fun there...
(L-R) My managers Ram & Lauren, Me, Manish(in red) and Jason with our Exec. V.P. David Wadhwani (center)

Its a pleasent surprise to meet your alumini in the most unexpected places. I found and ex-MITan (yes.. from Manipal) at the Marriot Bar. We started talking of Manipal and how we miss it and about the places and the experience that was. It reminded me of a thing that my friend Joydeep said "You can take a MITan away from Manipal but you cannot take the Manipal out of him"
The MIT duo

Me and Harish with the Best Manager in the world

The partying was mainly thanks to the adorable Lauren and the awsome Khongs (Lily and San). Thanks guys, we had a great time.

The Amazing Trio (San, Lauren and Lily)

It was not just drinks ... we had other amenities too.

Fusball, where San kicks anyones ass....

Pool, where Lily does the same .

The networked car racing video game where we usually spend our time till sleep took us...

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Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

Man!! That was indeed one hell of a party! We Rocked, as always!