Tuesday, March 14, 2006

FLEX quote of the week...

Richard Monson-Haefel is a key influencer in the Java and IT markets. He is the award winning author of books on Java Web Services, EJBs, and JMS. He is also the founder of several Apache projects and a former member of the JCP Executive Committee (a small, elected and elite group). Now, he is an analyst with the Burton Group. In early January he wrote a 30 page report on AJAX that mentioned us, but in a niche and undervalued way. He really didn't get what we were doing and was (with some caveats) very supportive of AJAX.

Richard has been trying out FLEX and his blog posting today is a thing of beauty and recognition of our efforts. Check it out. Here is a excerpt from his Blog...

"In America you can't say peanut-butter,
without thinking about Jelly.
In the IT industry you shouldn't think of Ajax,
without thinking of Flash."


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