Sunday, March 05, 2006

I love FLEX

I'm so proud of working in Adobe (formerly Macromedia) and especially in this great technology called FLEX. Still in beta (you can get it here), FLEX is generating a lot of buzz in the developer community, people are picking it and playing with it and applauding it (though there are a few things that will be sorted out before the release)

I was pleasently surprised to see a lot of people at the Adobe Conference fiddling around with Flex Builder (which is a IDE that we have released which is build on the almost ubiquitous Eclipse IDE). To see so much enthusiasm inside the company itself was awsome. FLEX swept the show in the conference with the maximum people wanting to port their applications to FLEX, and wanting to know what they could do with it.. It was awsome.

But what really made me proud was something i saw today... It was a podcast interview of Bruce Eckel, (author of the books "Thinking in C++" and "Thinking in Java" ), he talks about his positive experience with experimenting with Flex 2.

Bruce is a Java Guru, who likes to sample and play around with new technologies. He has tried Perl, PHP, Python, all kinds of Java related stuff, Ruby... etc. The very fact that he chose FLEX to beat others like Applets and AJAX for user-experiences for Rich Internet Clients is a big recognition for us. I really loved it and I'm proud to be a part of it..

Here is the part about flex that is from his interview.

You can hear the whole interview here on the Java Posse podcast, episode #37 , "Interview with Bruce Eckel, Part 2"

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