Thursday, March 02, 2006

San Jose (The US Diaries - 3)

San Jose was good, a quiet city… you would never say is the Silicon valley capital. A big place with lots of buildings and very less people. Very clean but very bare. I stayed at the Marriot (pic below) and had a great accommodation there.

The San Jose Marriot Lobby

An amazing weather (a bit chilly though) it was a treat to walk around in the evenings, and that’s just what we did. Me, my manager (Lauren) and Harish took a relaxed walk around San Jose. It was great and we walked to the Adobe Office and up to the top floor where we could see the panoramic view of the area. I liked it there….

The Adobe office as seen from my hotel room (zoomed ofcourse)

Walk around the park (Adobe Office)

Walk around with Park (Lauren and Harish)
(P.S. for those unenlightened souls, her full name is Lauren Park. So the above pun is intented)

Basking in Glory (Me and Harish)

Around San Jose

Local Train (in front of the Convention Center)

Into Adobe (outside Adobe office, San Jose)

On the top floor of Adobe
(You can see Marriot on the left, Hilton on the right and the convention center in the middle)

Circle of Life
(The Theatre in front of the Adobe Office, playing The Lion King theatrical version)

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