Sunday, March 19, 2006

One flew into the Chick’s Nest (A Tale of Lust)

As I walked into “JukeBox”, in Kormangala on Sunday, it was just another weekend… And a good one at that. There was an awesome concert by Parikrama on Friday (which was free thanks to Radio City and free passes thanks to DDey and Oracle), and another awesome evening at the Legends of Rock on Saturday.

But I was about to bite a forbidden fruit (not exactly a fruit) that evening, and I had no clue. As we all settled down and started to decide on our orders, lust took over me. I was overcome by the smell, reminded me of the amazing times we had together and how much I missed it. I never realized that it made a difference to me, but now reality dawned…

Oh! The aroma, the legs and the breast was so vividly etched in my mind… I had to give into my carnal needs... I ordered a Chicken Steak (phew… I said it out loud, Finally)

I have been avoiding it for so long with “The Flu” around, but I just couldn’t resist it when everyone around me was enjoying it.

But reality dawned, a guilt that surges from the gravity of the sin that you have committed. I have wowed again, not to give into it…

Until Lust takes me again… Please say a Hail Mary for my health

Romeo & Juliet...

Accomplice 1 (The D Day)

Accomplices 2 & 3
(Deepti and Priyanka)

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anuprakash said...

Eeeeeeeek...u r a non veg!! ;-))