Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bruce Almighty (A Day with the CEO)

It was a busy day at office yesterday, as our CEO, Mr. Bruce Chizen visited the Bangalore Adobe office. The office was being cleaned over and over and everyone was excited.

Welcome Bruce !
(Flower arrangement in the office lobby)

I was just one of those "everyone" until the day before when i got a email from Aparna (our H.R. head), that I have been chosen to meet Bruce in a panel of 10 people to talk about our needs, aspirations, problems and to get his vision on the Bangalore office. Boy was I thrilled...

The meeting was very exciting and heartening, to hear his views on India, Bangalore, and FLEX. He gave the impression that we were just at the start of an expressway which lay ahead, for many miles. We asked many questions and he was more than ready to answer them and wanted to know our concerns... straight from the grass root and not a filtered version from the management.

Me with the CEO, Bruce Chizen

He loved Bangalore and visited Parikrama Foundation here and Adobe has decided to fund it, including a $40,000 donation towards their computer facility. Bruce talked to us about giving back to the society and that we have a duty to help those around us.

Bruce at Parikrama School, Koramangala

In the evening, we had all had a meeting and dinner with Bruce at the Taj and he shared his vision on Adobe and the things to come...

Bruce Almighty

The only down side of the whole meeting was the announcement that our very own David Halpin, who with Victor had build the India office is leaving us to go back to the US... Everyone had a snap with him and it was an emotional goodbye to him from many.

Ram, David Halpin and Me

Lauren and Me with
Naresh Gupta (CEO, Adobe India)

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anuprakash said... day u'll go on to be the CEO of ADOBE.Good luck.gr8 blog.Also pics speaks better than words!!!