Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eat & Drink at San Jose (The US Diaries - 4)

The fact that drinks were free, didnt help much for the already globose figure that i posses. Wines (white & red), Beer among others. We were on a much elevated plane at the end of each day, but always sane enough to enjoy and uphold the spirit for which the tech summit was conducted.

Some of the Flex Bangalore Team with Lily
(notice the glasses....!)

Ok ! In very few words... "American Food Sucks", but i can live with it. As Harish says in my Orkut testimonial "He can manage with green grass and uncooked shit for food.. (only if its in the US)"... he he.

But seriously food at the convention centre was bad and it didnt help that i didnt eat fish. We were given green grass (salads... looked like cow fodder) and hard breads.
The dining hall

Breakfast with the Boss
(thats Iced tea in the big jug, and Harish with the hard bread)

Harish quite enjoyed it...

But I had some good experiences too. Me and some others went to this chain called "Johnny Rockets" with typical american "junk" food like burger and fries... etc. But it was a nice place and we had fun.
Jason, Harish, Lauren and Deepa at Johnny Rockets
(I took the photo)

Then me and Lauren went to this brewery chain called "The Gordon Breich" which was quite good.

At Gordon Breich

But the best of the lot was when Lily and San took us out to a Vietnamese Restaurant. The food was yummy (though there were a lot of things floating around), and i would say its the best food i had during the US trip (except at my Uncle's place). There was those small cups with tea served in them which i quite enjoyed...

The Vietnamese Place
(Me, Lily , Lauren and San... from L to R)

Lauren really loved it...

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