Friday, March 24, 2006

A Dream I never dared to dream..(The US Diaires-6)

I have been a fan of Macromedia products since college. My love for MM started with Flash5 and then spread like wild fire through later releases, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Its been a dream big enough to get into MM (which is now reality, though MM in itself is history now that Adobe has bought it), visiting the MM HQ was like a dream i never dared to dream. So, I was feeling all honored and elated at the prospect of visiting the MM office at 601, Townsend, SanFrancisco.

It all started with my uncle driving me to the San Mateo Caltrain Station and then the half hour ride to the 4th & Kings station, in the heart of San Francisco. The ride was a nice change from the Indian trains (though i have heard the Delhi Metro is better)...

I found that they had a seperate cab for people with bicycles and i was surprised to see how many people actually cycle to work from the train station. There were bikes stacked outside the train station, i found BMWs, Yamahas, Vespas and our very own Bajaj Chetak (4 Stroke)...

As I walked out of the 4th & Kings station, i almost lost my way and ended up going up the kings to the 5th street and saw the famous SBC park (the SF Baseball stadium).

The SBC Park

Finally after quite a morning walk, I finally get a glimpse of the red brick Baker & Hamilton Building where the MM HQ was housed. I reached 601 Townsend, which turned out to be a converted warehouse with a cool retro look to it.


Inside 601, the Cafeteria

(MM cubes)

If the place was good, the people were better. Warm, friendly, i can go on adding adjectives to qualify them. Jason was cool and Joan was amazing. It was good to finally meet the whole FLEX Team.

Jason, Rob, Rish, Harish, Me & Joan (L-R)


Abdul said...

dude, why flash player 8.5. You can use flash player 8 as well.

Or player 7?


Abdul said...

you can also use

It's like flickr but for videos.


Raghu said...

Thanks Abdul..

Its just that the application that i'm rendering the video in, is written by me, in FLEX2.0 Beta2 and so generates RTE with older versions of players.

I think i might get it to Flickr soon :)

Raghu said...

Migrated to Flickr :)