Monday, June 26, 2006

Jose's Fantasy Come True

When I was small, i used to go to the terrace of my home and play cricket with all my heroes, as a part of my TEAM INDIA.

I have scored many a century teaming up with Sachin, made awsome catches and done some wild stuff with the ball that bamboozled even Shane Warne. Played under several captains and captained India myself against World XI (and my team always wins, a record that no captain can boast of)... what an achievemet when you are 12.

Each kid has his set of heroes and his fantasy of playing with them... ADIDAS has cashed in on this childhood fantasy and came up with an awsome commercial called JOSE + 10. It talks about 2 spanish kids Jose and Pedro, who are playing their fantasy football with their heroes. It reminded me of my days with my heroes.

The fantasy unlike reality can span a generation of heroes (I remember I had Mohammed Ali protecting me from a hydra once). Here Zidane, Kaka, Beckham play alongside franz beckenbauer and Michel Platini form yester years (I bowled to Don Bradman once, he was out for a duck from a googlie of mine).

An amazing commercial, shot with panache and elegeance. I specially like the last part when Jose's mom calls and he snatches the ball form a befuddled Oliver Kahn and all of them disappear, waiting to be conjured up in his free time, much like out of a Harry Potter movie

Check out the commercial & its making here


mahesh said...

Da its franz beckenbauer...and not beckenbower.Your blog is shaping up really well...way to go...

Raghu said...

Thanks da... it was a typo... :)