Monday, June 12, 2006

A Lesson for Life

This week, I learned a new lesson in life…

“When you talk about someone to someone else, always think of how important or trivial they are to each other”

You may ramble on and on about a dear friend's problem to another, but he/she might care a “rat’s ass” for what you are talking about or worse, try to pass on his/her view on someone, who he/she my not even know fully well.

What’s more, the one who is being talked on, might feel quite discomfited about the fact that his/her private thoughts, that he/she deemed fit to be talked to you (the good friend) was being operated on by some ‘X-Y-Z’ (and rightly so). That’s a good enough to file an ‘infringement of privacy’ case on you.

I came close to losing a friend in the same manner this week when that person was quite upset that i discuss the problems close to him/her to another (who was again a friend of mine, but just a passe acquaintance for the other).

I swore that day, to think of both individuals and there relationship before openly discussing someone’s problems with others. A Lesson learned in Life.....

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BlueByrd said...

Practical real-life experience is the best teacher out there !

Hope all is well !