Friday, June 02, 2006

Safari Duo - Take 1

I got a new jamming buddy. Our very dear Renjith J [also (un)known as Dicoo, Himu...etc]

Upto Something.... the talented Dicoo

A very talented musician, Dicoo can handle keyboards and guitars very well... I knew it since school days, when he was my classmate and used to be an accompaniment to almost all the music shows then. Currently working at The IBM, here in namma Bengaluru, Dicoo just bought a stranger guitar, amp and speaker set and has been in full flow for sometime now. We had been planning to jam for a while, but it never materialized.

So day before yesterday, he came to me saying he wanted a song set for a competition at his office and we decided on "When You Say Nothing At All" by Ronan Keating. Trying to do it, we decided to record it and it turned out pretty well. So here it is

Song: When You Say Nothing At All
Originally sung by: Ronan Keating
Sung by: Raghu
Guitar by: Renjith J (Dicoo)

As you might notice, I mess up the lyrics at a point and again loose pace at another. Just a crude on-the-fly recording on my IBM Thinkpad microphone.

But it turned out to be an anti-climax, with the guitar string breaking off, while Dicoo tried to tune it. When I came to office, he had gone to Richmond Road to get it fixed. All the best to Dicoo for his competition today...

This is announcing the arrival of "The Safari Duo". Expect more jigs in the future. Please leave your comments.....


Ragul said...

Dicoo, u r great!!! did jaan miss a "ky"??

Joseph said...

Renjit was superb on last friday..He performed "When You say Nothing at all" At IBM..This time..there was no Raghujaan..He sang the song while playing t are simply awesome on guitar.

Jo said...

Oh oh! Came here a little late. :-) Great job pal! Liked it a lot. Please keep audioblogging!!!

lil _kath said...

...first ,i simply love this song and how nice to hear ur version of the song and the good sound of guitar played by ur friend Renjith.
You rock guys!! ^_^

keep it up!


BlueByrd said...

Landed here from Jo's ...

You have a nice voice ! The chord progressions are pretty kewl...nice picking. Goodluck to the axeman !

I love Keith Whitley's version which is the original. RK's not bad :)

Came here lookin for ur country roads....can't find it...will hop back on laters....

Keep the party alive !

Anonymous said...

hi there
i'm portuguese and i don't know i came to this blog but the music is amazing gratz
i wasn't about toi comment but it's sounds really nice and i would like to hv somekind of job liek urs
maybe 1 day =)

Anonymous said...


I was searching for the lyrics of the same song and landed up here...


Really enjoyed your singing