Monday, June 19, 2006

Me, Myself and my Guitar

After being inspired by Dickoo and his guitar, and starting to learn on his electric guitar, I decided that it was time to pick one for myself….

So on Saturday afternoon, we both were off to Richmond road to get hold of a good one and a good deal… We reached there, I felt like a fish out of water. Though I’m deeply interested in music, technicalities of instruments are not my specialty. I saw 2 guys with a “6 String Ibanez” and a distortion pad, playing out Sweet Child of Mine, Metallica, and Iron Maiden with abandon.

Dicoo, always in awe of good guitarists (being one himself), started chatting up with the guy, trying to get a glimpse of his secret. He was a BSc student in one of the colleges here, name was Arijith and was from the NE state of Arunachal… He quizzed us of our intentions and I confessed that I was a “Guitar Virgin” (an adaptation of Dr.Teabing’s remark in Da Vinci Code where he called Sophie the “Grail Virgin”).

Being a magnanimous mind himself, he took time out to tune each guitar in the shop, telling us the intricacies in choosing a good, and more importantly, the right guitar. He brought down our choices from over 20 of them down to 3 and suggested one, warning us that it was a bit expensive.

Then the brilliance of Dicoo took over. Having bought his electric one from the same shop, Dicoo convinced the shopkeeper that we were a budding band (which hopefully we are) and that we would come back to him for all our instruments… and lo… An instant hefty discount was blessed upon us, and the cover and the picks thrown in for free… Hail Dicoo

My Beauty

Beauty an the Beast

So that’s the story of how I found my love (my 6 string Larry & Carlton acoustic)… I hope my tryst with her would be filled with melody, consonance and harmony...


Renjit (Dickoo) said...

I must confess that Jaan's guitar is one of the best guitars I've ever come across... Its tone is deep, pure and romantic... Lucky you, Jaan..!!

And know what guys? On the way back after Jaan owned his beauty, i could see girls staring at Jaan and his "love"... [;-)] hehehe...!!

The BSc guitarist who helped us out is Arijith, and he is the lead guitarist of "Orko", his band.

BlueByrd said...

Congratulations !!!

I just picked a J&D Acoustic myself this past week. My Givson acoustic/electric was smashed in a motorcycle accident in February when a drunk motorcyclist hit me head on and my Guitar took most of the blow ! Neways...this ones a beautiful Sunburst Electric Acoustic cut away. Has a rich tone, i had my Guitar Tutor pick it for me !

I also recently purchased some interactive softwares/DVDs for homestudy as I cant put up with regular classes secondary to my ever-so-crammed work schedules !

I now have around 7 different courses with me some I purchased from They gaat some real kewl titles spannin every genre thats out there ! Also check out its a kewl course for newbies and also intermediate/advanced players :)

I am into Country and Blues primarily.

Originally picked up the instrument 15 yrs ago only to drop out on two different occasions and guess i wasnt ready for all the whale of that theory then...! So better late than never lol...u got company pal !!

Play till ur fingers bleed.

Goodluck & I hope that sound is good !

Arul Prasad said...

aliya, good luck!