Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nostalgia of an MITian

This is a video that was made by the Manipal Institute of Technology, E&E batch of 2005. I was visiting Abdul's blog and saw a video by IIT Kanpur guys. Suddenly felt very nostalgic about Manipal, where I really had the "Time of My Life".

Cheers to Shenoy, Tashi, Ramesh and others who compiled this video.


Varun said...


Tashi said...

thanx for puttin up tis vid here man...!!!cheers to u too

Tashi said...


Joylita said...

Hey Raghu

Guess whos here...:)

I'm new to bloggers but was on Lj for sometime now shifting base.

Do this old friend a small favour and add links to my blog on your very own.:)

And man...blogging really does make keeping in touch so much easier.

Any plans of coming down to Manipal again??

Take care

Tim said...

This is a cool video. I enjoyed it. Varun help compile it?