Monday, June 12, 2006

The Sunny Side of Life

It’s been more than 9 months since I landed in Bangalore, to pursue my career & ambition and the most major problem was to get a house. Lived the first few months with my friend George and his roommates and had a blast there. But I knew eventually, I had to go house hunting. But I never expected the prize to be so good…

Me and my best buddy Ragul were the first guys from our “Gang” to reach Bangalore and shouldered the responsibility of finding a boarding for our selves. We saw houses of all shapes & sizes. From independent villa in Bomanahalli (with no water) to a house right on the main road (where my head hits the ceiling). Then the Sun-Shined on our lives. We then chanced upon a spacious 2BHK (Bangalore lingo… 2Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen) for a decent price, it was called Sunshine Apartments.

The Sunny Side of Life

Then came the sunny side of life for us… Me, Ragul & Kailas shifted in, later joined by Vimal & Joseph. Sadly Vimal had to leave to another city seeking fortunes (but keeps coming back every month to soak up the sunshine), so Praveen replaced him… But the house is always vibrant with people and their clamor.

(L-R) Kailas, Kannan, Anu, Ragul, Me, Praveen, Joseph

It sure has been the sunshine in our lives since we moved in here…

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