Saturday, June 03, 2006

Safari Duo - Strike 1

Safari Duo strikes... Renjith (Dicoo) cruised his way through the IBM competition (which had close to 15 participants) and earned recognition for himself and for "The Safari Duo".

I was deeply touched when he came to me and asked me to open his bounty as a token of appreciation for what we did together. Thanks Dicoo, that was really nice of you.

So here's the arrival of the Safari Duo....

The Safari Duo
(Me and Dicoo, with the bounty)

Renjith with his "Prized" Bonsai

In other news... inspired by Dicoo and our jam session, I returned to my karaoke experiments. This time it is "Country Roads" by John Denver. So here it is

Song: Country Roads
Originally sung by: John Denver
Sung by: Raghu


Renjit said...

A BIIIIIIG T H A N K S [:)] ... to all u guys who supported me and helped me out in this success... My special word of thanx to: RaghuJaan, Joseph, (Anoop) Kunchu, Sauganth, Deepa, Liz 'n Sreekanth.

Jo said...

Wow man!! That was supeeerb! I love this song and your rendition is great.

Dhanush said...

came here through jo's
Eventhough I couldn't here this song sung by you.. this is my all time favorite..
And this song was introduced to me by Pradeep Somasundaram who sung in our college during a music workshop.

Really beautiful song. All thebest Dude

lil _kath said...

..woww am i listening to John Denver here? ^_^ ur voice is cool Raghu.

keep it up!

...oops got here from Jo's blog!


BlueByrd said...

Gotcha ~!!

JD's a legend Amen ! Incidentally ive cut a version myself sometime ago...u can find it on my Archives from March i guess...Check it out and let me know how it sounded budd !

Good job with the improvisations i must say....Bravo !

Liked it lots....

Look Forward to ur next post !